Summer Berry Fruit Fool

This is a classic English summer dessert that takes no time to make. It’s a perfect vehicle for fruit and, while this recipe calls for strawberries, feel free to use any soft fruit. Frozen fruit also works really well here, as it is already softened in texture. If you want to use firmer fruit, such as apples, pears, pineapple, you will need to cook them down to make them soft. Add the fruit and some sugar to a pan and cook until disintegrating. Keep an eye on them, you may have to stir or add water depending on the type of fruit you are using.

Summer Berry Fruit Fool
20 mins 0 mins 10



  1. Place the hulled strawberries in a bowl, sprinkle over 3 tbsp of caster sugar and set aside.

  2. Add the remaining sugar to the Kerrymaid Whipping, and whip to soft peaks. Set aside.

  3. Crush or mash the strawberries (a potato masher works well, or you could use a food processor) until you get a chunky compote. Check the flavour and add sugar or lemon juice as needed.

  4. Fold the compote, Greek yoghurt and Kerrymaid Whipping together carefully, so as not to lose volume on the cream, and place in glasses or dishes.

  5. Top with fresh strawberries and crumbled digestives and serve.


  • Use any fruit you like for this, just remember if you are using hard fruit (apples, pears etc) you will need to cook down until tender before you assemble


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