Our Kerrymaid custard can be served up straight from the pack, heated up as an accompaniment or used cold in desserts like trifle. Some have even used it on sweet pizza and in beverages, the list is endless! With a delicious vanilla flavour, it is the perfect way to satisfy your customers’ sweet tooth!

Custard 1kg

Nutritionals (per 100g)

Our Creamy Custard has a mild vanilla flavour making it perfect in sweet desserts like Trifle or drizzled over tarts

energy Protein(g) fats(g) Saturates(g) sugar(g) Salt(g)
157 2.8 14 11 3.6 0.2


Reconstituted Buttermilk (MILK), Water, Palm Kernel Oil, Palm Oil, Modified Maize Starch ,MILK Proteins, Natural Butter Flavouring (MILK), Emulsifier (Mono- and Di-Acetyltartaric Esters of Mono- and Di-Glycerides of Fatty Acids), Gelling agents(Microcrystalline Cellulose, Carboxy methyl cellulose), Thickener (Guar Gum), Stabiliser (Dipotassium Phosphate), Acidity Regulator (Trisodium Citrate), Colour (Beta-Carotene)


  • MILK